Key Tasks

Building your Web Presence doesn't have to be a complicated task.

Web Hosting:
Choose Web Hosting based on Performance, Reliability, Security & Support.

Web Security:
Provide “Best-in-Class” Web Security without exception.

Web Design:
Make professional Web Design a high priority.

Internet Marketing:
Start Internet Marketing campaigns before the business need becomes critical.

Search Engine Optimization:
Build Search Engine Optimization into every part of your website, including its design.

Email Marketing:
Use Email Marketing in a non-intrusive way, keeping subscribers engaged and informed.

Building Blocks

Vendors specialize in providing the blocks on which to build Web Presence.

Synthesis WordPress Hosting
Synthesis WordPress Hosting

Synthesis is complete with powerful Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Tools, making it more than just another WordPress Hosting option. The NGINX architecture they utilize and the C.O.R.E. (Clean Origin / Resist Excess) Hosting Strategy they implemented is super fast and extremely secure. If this all wasn't enough, their Customer Service is World-Class.

WordPress &

WordPress & WordPress.orgWordPress may have started as a blogging system, but over the years, it has evolved into a feature rich Publishing Platform and Content Management System (CMS). Thanks to the hundreds of community developers, as well as the thousands of plugins, themes and widgets, WordPress is now only limited by your imagination. “...WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”

Genesis Theming Framework:

Genesis Theming FrameworkThe Genesis Theming Framework provides necessary structure for WordPress themes to be built from. Search Engine Optimization is built in. It easily facilitates Responsive HTML5 Design. It has Airtight Security and Instant Updates. Genesis is both Customizable and Fast, with plenty of Widgets and Layout Options. It “...empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.”

StudioPress Themes:

StudioPress WordPress Themes StudioPress Themes are premium WordPress themes, built on the Genesis Framework. They are all professionally designed and add even more awesome features to the already impressive Genesis Framework. StudioPress Themes significantly shorten the development process, which shortens time-to-live (TTL). It's likely “...there’s a StudioPress Theme that’s perfect for your site.”

Clicky Web Analytics:

Clicky Real Time Web AnalyticsThe Clicky Web Analytics platform is a set of incredibly powerful tools, centered on up-to-the-minute, real time data, in everything, not just a few reports. See every visitor and every action they take, on your website(s). Other features include Heatmaps, On-site Analytics, Uptime Monitoring, Alerts, Twitter Analytics, Google Search Rankings, Video Analytics, Big Screen Mode and HTTPS tracking.

Piwik Open Analytics Platform:

Piwik Open Analytics PlatformThe Piwik Open Analytics Platform is FREE Web Analytics Platform. It too, up-to-the-minute, real time data and invaluable insights into a website's visitors, marketing campaigns and much more. Touted as the leading open source Web Analytics Platform, Piwik is a complete commercial Analytics Platform without the commercial expense.

Easy Digital Downloads:

Easy Digital Downloads - Sell Digital Downloads with WordPressThe Easy Digital Downloads plugin is the world's best and easiest way to sell digital downloads, through WordPress. While the base plugin is FREE, there is an expansive library of premium add-ons, making it even more adaptive and flexible. Easy Digital Downloads has a dedicated customer area, solid reporting and supports both discount codes and a variety of payment gateways.

Gravity Forms:

Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPressGravity Forms is touted as "hands down the best contact form plugin for WordPress powered websites." Love for Gravity Forms is easy to understand, given how easy it is to integrate with a variety of other web services, via optional Add-Ons. The Gravity Forms User Interface is intuitive, easy to use and blends seamlessly with WordPress, making it the leading choice in Premium Forms Plugins.


SendPress - Easy Newsletters For WordPressSendPress allows you to build and send WordPress newsletters in minutes. Simply configure the options, style the template, add content and start sending your WordPress-powered newsletters. SendPress is everything you need, for effective newsletters, right there inside WordPress. Advanced Reporting, Bounce Handling, Custom SMTP and Spam Testing are available with a Pro License.


Soliloquy - The Best Responsive WordPress Slider PluginSoliloquy is a simple, functional and powerful slider engine, which can provide a seamless slider experience across all devices and the best viewing experience regardless of screen size. Fully responsive WordPress sliders can be built in as little as 60 seconds (or less). With over 100 configurable hooks and filters, as well as a powerful set of feature add-ons, your imagination is all that limits Soliloquy.

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