Showing Hidden OS X Files

Showing Hidden Files in Mac OS X - Terminal

Showing Hidden OS X Files, is something I need to do, from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I like Apple’s way, of creating order, especially in the finder, but sometimes I need to see everything. For me, Showing Hidden OS X Files, is a need, generally occurring when I need to modify a […]

Nearly Useless Facebook

Facebook Logo

Nearly Useless Facebook is supposed to be social. However, with a Business, Organization or Brand page, on Facebook, how social can you really be? How much engagement, can really happen? Even if you consistently work really hard, to get and maintain a good following, how many people are you really reaching? Answers: Not Very! Not […]

SendPress Pro for the Email Marketing Pro

SendPress Pro

SendPress Pro is built with the Email Marketing Pro in mind. It is a fully integrated, Email Marketing Management (EMM) system, for WordPress. SendPress is available as a free WordPress Plugin. SendPress Pro is a paid add-on, improving the capabilities of the free version. For me, the best feature of SendPress is its simplicity. With […]

Message of Hope

Message of Hope

“A Message of Hope and God’s Vindication” started in April of 2012 and has been resonating with me, ever since. However, this Message of Hope has started banging louder, recently. For me, 2012 brought a renewed commitment to church involvement, faith and giving. This started in April, when my family and I started attending Woodbury […]

The Month Before Christmas

Christmas Trees

Christmas is the commemoration (Christmas = Christ’s Mass) of Christ, coming to earth, as a newborn baby, and continues on, to include a Cross! I pray this poem and my “Christmas Trees” image, will challenge your way of thinking, this Christmas Season. Twas the month before Christmas, when all through our land; Not a Christian […]