Posting to Google Plus via Email

I’ve already shown how Posting to Google Plus via SMS is pretty simple to set up. In fact, it isn’t really any more difficult than setting up the same feature, on other Social Networks. However, most of these other Social Networks “Officially” support posting via email, yet sadly, Google Plus, does not.

Now, don’t start to worry. All hope is not gone. Posting to Google Plus via Email, may not be a built-in feature, but it can be accomplished, using a combination of other Google Services.

Requirements for Posting to Google Plus via Email

There aren’t many requirements for Posting to Google Plus via Email, but it definitely wont work without the following:

  1. You must have a Google Voice account.
  2. Your Google Voice email address and your Google Plus email address must be the same.

Those requirements aren’t too bad, are they?

Configuring Google Voice & Google Plus, to Play Nicely

These steps are important, if you want Posting to Google Plus via Email to work. So follow them carefully.

  1. Navigate to and sign in.
  2. Click on the “Gear” icon, in the upper, right-hand corner and then choose “Settings” from the menu.
    Google Voice Settings
  3. From the Google Voice Settings page, click on the “Voicemail & Text” tab.
  4. In the “Voicemail Notifications” area, place a check in the checkbox for “Email the message to:” and then select your Google Plus email address from the list of email addresses.
    Google Plus Settings Voicemail Notifications
  5. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. You will be directed back to the Google Voice Inbox.
  6. Click on the “Gear” icon, in the upper, right-hand corner and then choose “Settings” from the menu.
    Google Voice Settings
  7. From the Google Voice Settings page, click on the “Voicemail & Text” tab.
  8. In the “Text Forwarding” area, place a check in the checkbox for “Forward text messages to my email:” and then verify the email address matches the email address from Step 4.
    Google Plus Settings Text Forwarding
  9. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. You will be directed back to the Google Voice Inbox.
  10. Click on the red “Text” button and send a text message to the Google Plus, SMS number (33669 in USA). You’ll most likely receive an SMS reply stating something to the effect of “33669: Google+: Did not understand the request.”
  11. Now check the email account, associated with the email address in Steps 4 & 8. You should have received an email from Google Voice, with the same (or similar) message, as I just mentioned in the last step.
  12. Look closely at the”From” email address, of the email. It will look something like You need to copy this email address and paste it somewhere for later use. Writing it down is a little risky, as it is a long, complicated email address.
  13. To complete this process, you will now need to Navigate to and sign in.
  14. Click on the Drop Down arrow, in the upper, right-hand corner
    Google Plus Drop-Down
  15. Click on the Account link, in the pop-over
    Google Plus Account Link
  16. From the Account Settings Page, Click on the Google+ link, in the left-hand menu
    Google Plus Account Settings
  17. Click on the “Add Phone Number” link. Enter your Google Voice phone number and hit the “Send Verification Code” button.
  18. Navigate back to your Google Voice account and retrieve the Verification Code.
  19. Return to your Google Plus Profile Settings and enter the Verification Code.

Done! If you followed these steps carefully, you will have successfully associated your Google Plus Profile with your Google Voice Phone Number. Now, Posting to Google Plus via Email is ready to use.

Google Plus Email Composition

Now that your accounts will allow Posting to Google Plus via Email, you need to know how to compose the email.

  1. Create a new Email.
  2. The “To Address” is where you will enter your unique email address, from Step 12, above.
  3. The “Subject” is ignored and is not required by Google Plus.
  4. Compose your Google Plus Post (email message), in the body of the email, followed by the circle or people you want your Google Plus Post to be shared with (+CircleName). If you want your post to be public, put “+Public” at the end of your email. If you want your post to be for a specific circle only, put “+YourCircleName” at the end of your email.
  5. When you send this email, your message will be posted to your Google Plus Profile.

Yes, I hear you. This is a pretty long process and can seem quite complicated. However, if you followed these steps, exactly as I have them written, you too, will be able to start Posting to Google Plus via Email.

Automatically Post to Google Plus

Google is working on an API to allow better integration and interaction with Google Plus. However, if you are like me, you don’t want to wait for the API to be “Officially” released, before being able to Automatically Post to Google Plus.

I have great news!

Once you have Posting to Google Plus via Email set up and working correctly, automatic posting to Google Plus, is also available. For more information on this, check out IFTTT, or stay tuned to this website. An article about this exact topic is coming soon.


  1. Travis Pflanz says

    Hey bamajr,

    Thanks for this article. I got it setup and working.

    A few things I learned – or that was different/may have changed:

    Everything was the same, until step 10. Rather than getting an email saying – “33669: Google+: Did not understand the request.” The email I received, said – “G+ SMS: Existing Google+ user, verify your phone at New users signup on your phone, at” Although the message was different, I still acquired the email address mentioned in step 12, so everything was good.

    I completed the rest of the steps and everything worked well!

    Some Notes:

    - I believe the different email content I received above was because I already had Gmail, Google Voice and Google+ accounts, all using the same Gmail address.

    - After obtaining the email address mentioned in step 12, Voicemail Notifications and Text Forwarding can be unchecked. If Text Forwarding is left checked, an email will be received every time a post is made to Google+.

    - When sending an email to update Google+, the email must be sent from the Gmail account that is associated with the Google+ account. Emails sent from other email addresses will be ignored or bounced back as undeliverable.

    - Posting via SMS (email) will include a “SMS” tag at the top of the Google+ update.

    - Posting URLs via SMS (email) will not automatically include a preview of the post, simply the clickable URL in the Google+ update.

    NOW, Automatically Posting an RSS Feed to Google+

    1 – As mentioned in the article, will work perfectly to completely automate posting to Google+ from a website’s RSS feed. Set up an account or login.

    2 – Set up the Gmail channel: Channels >> Gmail >> Activate >> Grant Access (assuming you’re already logged in to Gmail. Login, if not). NOTE – You do not have to create your account using your Gmail account.

    3 – Create a new Recipe: Click Create

    4 – Set up IF Trigger: Feed >> New Feed Item >> Feed URL (Enter your RSS feed’s URL) >> Create Trigger

    5 – Set up THEN Action: Gmail >> Send an Email >> To Address (the email address obtained in #12 above) >> Subject (doesn’t matter. Not used by Google+) >> Content (Set up the update format however you like. Make sure to include EntryTitle & EntryUrl and +Public at the end to share with everyone) >> Attachment URL (Not used by Google+) >> Create Action

    6 – Description (enter anything, only for your use) >> Create Recipe

    Now, every time you make a new post, it is automatically posted to Google+

    NOTE: If you have a WordPress website, replace the Feed Action in “IF” with WordPress. As well, the format of the email sent in the Gmail action for “THEN” will change based on the WordPress elements.

    • says

      One more note: I tested to see if adding the image to the attachment would post it to G+. This is not the case. Adding anything to the attachment field will cause an error when posting to G+. Leave the attachment field completely blank

    • says

      One more note: I use tracking variables in my URLs… There doesn’t appear to be a way to shorten them with Even with “Auto shorten URLs” selected in your IFTTT settings, the URL is not shortened. I have reported this to IFTTT and they are looking into it. They have given me updates for the last month, but aren’t much closer to fixing the issue.

      • says

        Travis – IFTTT came on the scene with bold promises, but the service continues to fall short, time and time again. I am completely unimpressed with it, so far. Now, IFTTT does have potential, but their system lacks consistency. I’ve had recipes running on their service for months. None of them work correctly, all the time. While I understand technology can have issues, I find IFTTT barely works correctly 50% of the time, and that is unacceptable in the internet industry.

        IFTTT’s ability to autopost to my Google Plus account hasn’t been any more consistent or predictable than a crap-shoot. So, I like utilities and plugins to tip the scales in my favor and I always demand consistent performance. Until IFTTT works consistently then it simply cannot be used for production.

        If you want a plugin you can count on, take a look at the Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP) plugin, for WordPress. There is a free version of this plugin available at It doesn’t support Google Plus nor Pinterest, and it has some issues with Blogger. However, the service works exactly as advertised on all the other platforms. I have not paid for the premium version (the only way SNAP will support posting to my Google Plus and Pinterest accounts), yet. I’m waiting on Version 3.0, which is supposed to include support for the platform.

        Other than the Blogger integration, the SNAP Plugin, hasn’t missed a beat, not even once. Of course, I can’t personally guarantee it’s Google Plus functionality, yet, as I haven’t paid for the Social Networks Auto Poster PRO Multi Account version. However, if the free version is any indication, the Pro version is going to be awesome.

  2. Venu Vedam says

    In other words, this trick works for only people in the US? (Google Voice is not available internationally) Sigh! Ok.

    • says

      Venu Vedam unfortunately, this trick is limited to the service area of Google Voice. I’ve also found this trick to be inconsistent, though it works for me, most of the time. I’m also very aware, Google Voice, may be one of the next Google Services, on Google’s Chopping Block, in favor of Hangouts. Of course this is all rumor, but something of interest to people, actively using this trick.

    • says

      I’m glad my article was able to inspire your WordPress plugin. I’ll have to stop over and check it out, in the near future. Did you happen to link to this article, from your plugin information?


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