Google AdWords: Copyrighting Scam

The appeal of the Google AdWords program is:

No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and our advertising network. Pay only if people click your ads.

Yet, there are people, all over the world, trying to make things sound so much more difficult than it really is.

Sure, all web sites are subject to Copyright Laws! You simply cannot use someone else’s published work as your own. This applies to code, design, graphics, layout and content. Web sites are no different than printed material in this regard.

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Google AdSense: How to get your Account Approved

I keep seeing web sites and blog posts (like advertising they can get you approved for a Google AdSense account.

I even see articles and links directing people to,, Google Knol, Hub Pages, or other major Blogging Services to get a Google AdSense account.

I don’t get the point.

To me, the best way to apply for a Google AdSence account, is to sign up directly through Google. Go to and sign up. How difficult is that?

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