FeedBurner Link for those using RSS Readers

FeedBurner - by GoogleFeedBurner is one of Google’s aging products, but it is still very useful utility. Yes, it is still useful, even after Google killed off the companion, Google Reader utility.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, often called Really Simple Syndication and its used to publish frequently updated information. You may have seen some websites refer to this type of technology, even though you didn’t realize it at the time. Have you ever been on a website and seen an area that says:

Subscribe to our News Feed

Their News Feed is likely a RSS Feed and many people, who promote an RSS Feed, use FeedBurner.

An RSS Feed, requires a RSS Reader. This is a utility which grabs the RSS Feed and displays it, for your reading enjoyment.

Confused or Don’t Care?

Thats ok. This is just another avenue for me to circulate information, found on my website, to those who want, or need it.

If this all sounds like technology garbly-gook, you are right! If you don’t know or can’t understand what a RSS Feed or RSS Reader is, its likely you don’t use this type of service.

Bamajr.com – FeedBurner Link


Want More Information?

For those of you who are interested in how FeedBurner and RSS can be used, that is what I’m here for. There is a place below this post, for you to comment, or ask questions. You can also contact me using the “Contact” link, in my website’s menu.