Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Internet Marketing is a big deal for businesses these days. Businesses spend Millions and Millions of dollars, promoting their Name, Brand(s), Product(s) and/or Service(s) to those surfing the internet.

“Big” business has the luxury of creating fancy, high dollar websites, with integrated management and analytics tools, in an effort to dominate their industry, online. These businesses have entire departments, filled with people, dedicated to the many facets of Internet Marketing. They have analysts, content writers, designers, developers, marketers, testers, and probably many others, all working to create the best possible Web Presence.

When big businesses have so much money to spend on internet marketing, how are Small Businesses supposed to compete?

Internet Marketing doesn’t have to be Complicated

Generally, Small Business can not afford to hire a lot of people, just to focus on Internet Marketing. Many Small Businesses can’t even afford extra staff, beyond the owner and one or two family members. This is how I know, trying to compete with Big Business, by implementing a complicated marketing plan, will never work. The Big Businesses will always outspend the Small Businesses.

Internet Marketing for Small Business starts with a website. This website needs to be polished. I mean, it really needs to shine! The graphics need to be eye-catching and efficient. The code needs to be valid and should not cause any errors. The website needs to be easy to use and work correctly. All visitors should be impressed, regardless of whether they are viewing the website from a Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet or SmartPhone.

In addition, a Small Businesses can improve their Internet Marketing by establishing a modest web presence. Do not Spread Yourself too Thin, though! Initially, stay focused on a well designed website, an active Facebook Page, an active Twitter account and showing up correctly in Google Maps. Until these four areas are optimized to their fullest ability, it doesn’t make much sence, to spread out to other online locations.

Also, Yellow Pages and Local Telco Phone Books may have been a good advertising investment 5 or 10 years ago, but not any more. Spend your money on a well designed website, an active Facebook Page, an active Twitter account and showing up correctly in Google Maps, first. Then, put the rest of your marketing budget to work, by placing ads via Google AdWords and maybe even the “online” version of your local newspaper.

An Active Web Presence is the best Internet Marketing

A website, Facebook Page, Twitter account and showing up correctly in Google Maps is a great start. However, static content, soon gets old and stale.

Having An Active Web Presence means continually adding fresh, new content. This fresh, new content, is what brings people back, over and over again. The content can be anything potential customers might consider noteworthy. I suggest always providing updates on upcoming events, new products, new services, new promotions and any continuing special offers.

Word to the Wise: Make sure these updates are easy to share!

If one person thinks your updates are worth sharing, so will others. If these updates are easy to share, your Internet Marketing can take off in all different directions. When people find something of value, they tell other people, who tell other people, who tell other people…

… and with all the different Social Networks, Bookmarking Sites and Link Sharing Tools, a simple update could go viral in a matter of minutes.

Customer Service can make Internet Marketing easier

Providing Exceptional Customer Service will generally lead to repeat business and word of mouth can go a long way. A Small Business with Exceptional Customer Service, can make their Internet Marketing easier by publicly displaying customer feedback on their website and Facebook page. When satisfied customers share their experience publicly, potential customers become new customers.

Another Word to the Wise: Don’t be afraid of displaying criticisms on your website and Facebook page!

Publicly displayed feedback is always more believable when there are both praises and criticisms. After all, everyone has a bad day from time to time. Just make sure to positively address each criticism. How a problem is dealt with, can result in positive feedback, too.

Lets review…

Internet Market for Small Business:

  1. Doesn’t have to be Complicated
  2. An Active Web Presence is Best
  3. Customer Service can make it Easier