CrossLoop has a New Chat Widget?

CrossLoop was the center of attention, in my The Software and The Company, CrossLoop article, not that long ago. At the very beginning of the article, I explained what the CrossLoop Software was and did, saying:

CrossLoop The Software, is screen sharing and remote access software, which allows a professional to view and control a remote user’s, computer. It’s free, easy to use and it is pretty cool. Even with several similar software titles available, CrossLoop is certainly, a viable option.

CrossLoop Logo

On my Technical Support page, I pointed out that CrossLoop has a widget, allowing me to integrate my CrossLoop Profile with my website. I also showed that a I was able to directly integrate CrossLoop’s Chat System, with my website, allowing my clients to use CrossLoop Chat, to to chat with me, all without leaving my website.

CrossLoop Chat

CrossLoop doesn’t have an Official Chat Widget, yet!

Actually, to call the existing widget, a widget, may be a stretch. When I think of a widget, I don’t usually think iframe. However, if your thought process is a little more simplistic and you would consider a widget to be any type of utility, then, I guess, iframing something would qualify.

The existing, “official” widget looks like this:

It’s design is very basic and completely static, preventing any easy modification of the way it looks. However, the fact that it is an iframe, got me thinking.

I know when one of my clients, comes to my website, and clicks on the “Chat with Me” button, they are directed to a CrossLoop web page, where the chat will actually occur. If the client is a first time user, they may be directed to sign up first, but will eventually get to the same chat page.

That webpage has a specific Helper ID number, as shown below:

CrossLoop Chat Helper ID

This Helper ID number seems to change, for each chat request. However, using the URL, up to the end of the Helper ID, as the iframe source, does allow the client-side, of CrossLoop’s Chat System, to be exposed, for a specific CrossLoop Technician. The code I used is below:

<iframe src="" width="752" height="450" frameborder="0" style="overflow: hidden"></iframe>

The result of adding the above code, to your website, is the client-side user interface, to initiate a chat, on CrossLoop’s Chat System. Of course, if you use the exact code, I provided above, without changing the Helper ID to your own account, people will connect to me, instead of you. See it in action, below:

If you already have a CrossLoop account, and you are logged in, you may see the LIVE chat interface. Oh, and you will be added to my client list, in CrossLoop.

CrossLoop calls their iframe utility a widget, so I’m calling this iframe utility a widget, too – The CrossLoop Chat Widget!