Bamajr’s Blog

Bamajr’s Blog, is both a blog and an application. This can be a little hard to comprehend, so I’ve written this article, to help provide some clarity.

I am Bamajr. So when someone says they found great information about Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization or Web Design, on Bamajr’s Blog, they usually mean they found the information on this website ( However, they could have also found the exact same information on:

…among others.

When I publish an article on this website, the article is also published to the Bookmarking and Social Networks, listed above, automatically.

Bamajr’s Blog – The Application

This website is powered by WordPress. WordPress functionality is infinitely expandable through the development and use of plugins. I have chosen to expand my WordPress installation, by using the Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) WordPress Plugin, created by NextScripts. This plugin automatically publish my articles to the Bookmarking and Social Network Platforms, of my choosing.

Bamajr's Blog uses NextScripts' SNAP Plugin

The SNAP Plugin takes every new article I post, on this website and automatically posts it to Bookmarking and Social Platforms, using their approved Application Programming Interface (API).

While I did not write the API, many times APIs require specific configurations, permissions and settings, in order to work correctly. The collection of these configurations, permissions and settings is often referred to as an Application, by the Bookmarking and Social Platforms. Since I’m using the API to access newly published content, on my blog, I called the application the same name as my blog – Bamajr’s Blog, making it easy to identify and remember what the application does.

SNAP Functionality Expanded Using IFTTT

IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement:

If This, Then That

There is a great explanation about how this works, on the About IFTTT page. In short though, IFTTT allows a person to create recipes, where a channel event, triggers an action.

While I may eventually switch all the automatic posting functionality to IFTTT, currently I’m only using it to expand the functionality of the SNAP WordPress Plugin. SNAP already handles Delicious, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Twitter. So, I’ve used a few IFTTT recipes to automatically post to:

Automatically posting to Google Plus is quite problematic, but the rest work great and without adding additional load to my WordPress installation. Incidentally, improving the efficiency of my website, is the primary reason I’m considering IFTTT as a complete replacement for the SNAP Plugin.