Understanding Web Presence

A website is a great start to a successful online business. However, simply having a website is not enough.

A website is just one internet location (I.E. http://bamajr.com/). The internet is a global community, and if you want your online marketing to be successful, you must diversify among many internet locations.

To reach as many people as possible, you should also consider Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, online directories and many, many others. Each of these additional internet locations, should adequately represent your company, while driving people back to the your primary website.

This is called building Web Presence.

Currently, Wikipedia seems to think Web Presence and a Digital Footprint is the same thing. However, Wikipedia Defines a Digital Footprint as a trail left by an entities interactions in a digital environment; including their usage of TV, mobile phone, internet and world wide web, mobile web and other devices and sensors.

While Wikipedia’s Digital Footprint definition may be accurate, I do not think Web Presence is the same thing. In my mind, Web Presence is just a part of a Digital Footprint.

I would define Web Presence as the number of internet locations where information about a specific brand, company, entity or individual can be located (This could also be applied to products and/or services).

To illustrate this definition, do a Google search for Bamajr.

Think of “Bamajr” as a brand, company, entity or individual. The results of Google search, for “Bamajr” (the brand, company, entity or individual), would be Web Presence of Bamajr.

The Digital Footprint of Bamajr would be much larger. If you took the Web Presence of Bamajr and added all the information from online interactions, transactions and usages, you would get Bamajr’s Digital Footprint.

To illustrate the Digital Footprint of Bamajr, think Web Presence plus Online Banking plus Online Shopping plus Online Music plus Online TV plus Browsing History (and others). All Bamajr’s online interactions, transactions and usages, may not be visible and may not necessarily have anything to do with the contained on the primary business website.

I think it is important to understand this differentiation. In fact, understanding Web Presence may be more important than understanding SEM or SEO. How better to improve visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), than to have information published at many different internet locations?

If you are having difficulty with the difference between Web Presence and SEO, or if you need help with creating a Web Presence, hire a professional to help.