How do I Clean a Malware Infected WordPress Website?

Malware Infected WordPress Website – what a pain, right?

Hey, I get it. You’re questioning whether or not, your hacked WordPress Website is worth saving. On one hand, its quite a waste of time and energy, to scrap it and start all over. On the other hand, cleaning a Malware Infected WordPress Website may be outside your skill-set, or you may simply not have time to do it. However, you are starting to see signs your website has been blacklisted, so you know you need to do something.

You need to make a choice, now, because once your website is infected, you are past the prevention stage. You need an expert, to clean it up. You need to contact…

Malware Infected WordPress Website? Not with Sucuri Security

Malware Infected WordPress Website – Time Warp

If only you could go back in time and install some sort of utility, to prevent your “Malware Infected WordPress Website” issue. If only there was a WordPress Plugin, by a renowned security company, which could audit your website and notify you, at the first sign of issues.

While a variety of WordPress Plugins, used together, would likely give you the best WordPress Website Security, the best WordPress Plugin, to audit your website, comes from the same company, I told you to contact, above. Oh, and their Sucuri Security – SiteCheck Malware Scanner, WordPress Plugin, is FREE?

Can’t beat that, can you?

Malware Infected WordPress Website – Hurry up & post

I can’t remember the last time I tripped over myself, to write an article about, or recommend a new WordPress Plugin. However, when best WordPress Website Security Company, offers a free plugin, I’ll make an exception.

After reading the Cleaning Up Your WordPress Site with the Free Sucuri Plugin article, I went straight to my website and installed it.

The installation was painless.

Using it, is even easier. Just click the big, blue, “Scan this site now” button.

Sucuri SiteCheck Malware Scanner - Scan this site now

There are some more advanced options, which I’ll probably run later, but the basic scan gives my website a clean bill of health. Take a look!

Sucuri SiteCheck Malware Scanner - Scan this site now - Results

Yes, the Sucuri SiteCheck Malware Scanner, WordPress Plugin, really is that simple, to use.

Don’t believe me?

Try it for yourself!

Sure, you’ll have to commit yourself to using it, but using this simple plugin, is way-way easier, than dealing with a Malware Infected WordPress Website! Its easier on you, your pocket-book, your website rankings and, most importantly, its easier on your users!

So, what are you waiting on?

Do yourself, your pocket-book, your website rankings and your users a favor. Install the FREE, Sucuri SiteCheck Malware Scanner, WordPress Plugin, or go to Sucuri’s Website and get fully automated protection, because with…

Sucuri Security, Malware has no chance!

…in case you didn’t get that: With Sucuri Security, Malware has no chance!